About Us / Our Story

Our Philosophy

CtF is a Christian organization that inspires people to imagine their desired future and encourages them to take appropriate actions that create that future so that they live in it now as they gain skills and tools to live in it then. By preparing today, one gets equipped to thrive tomorrow. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” (Peter Drucker)

At CtF, we believe that every person was created by God to fulfill a specific purpose in life. No matter where you are on your journey, we hold your hand and propel you to your destiny. No dream is too small to be pursued. With the right skills, every person can attain the highest levels of their potential. CtF offers the requisite environment to nurture the innate and learned talents in people.

This perspective is fueled by the understanding that God loves people more than anything. CtF upholds this truth by enriching the mind, transforming the heart and improving lifestyles.

About Us

Creating the Future (CtF) is an independent entity that is co-owned by three International Christian Center (ICC) churches i.e. ICC West, ICC Imara, and ICC Kitengela. It was formed in 2017 after ICC, which was formally “1 Church 5 Locations”, transited into five (5) independent Assemblies. CtF was given the mandate of overseeing the shared facilities and services. Its management is autonomous and the 3 Assemblies that co-own it have members representing them in the Advisory Board that oversees the functions of CtF.

Creating the Future runs under the Education Department of the Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG). It is headed by an Ordained Minister who holds the same qualification as a Senior Pastor of a mature assembly. It is located in ICC Imara with offices at the Connection Center.

Creating the Future seeks to offer an environment where each person’s desired “future” can be created now. The aim is to offer opportunities in education and skills development so that people can be equipped to live transformed lives.